Tattoo School 2 - digital

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68 pages, 22x22 cm, designs by various artists.

Text: English and Italian.

Learn to draw in different styles

38 complete tutorials, from guidelines to sketches and the final design ready to be tattooed.

Learn the secrets to draw many subjects: cat, wolf, deer, leaf, frog, crab, spider, fish, shark, Mexican sugarr skull, kokeshi, lettenring and much more.

This second volume is dedicated to different drawing tecniques: cartoon style, geometric drawing, traditional style, realistic drawing and life sketching, freehand drawing.

 In this volume 2:

Here you can find the cartoon style, to learn how draw animals with the unique, expressive lines of cartoon characters. The geometric drawing, fundamental to draw the symmetry of flowers, as in nature; in addition, there is the sacred geometry, a source of artistic inspiration in many contemporary tattoos.